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In return, she devoted the rest of her life to God and founded a convent in North West Wales.

Legend has it that the convent’s well is home to a sacred fish that can predict the happiness of relationships.

However, it’s not just language that will have your date falling in love.

Wales has a whole host of native romantic traditions that set it apart from the rest of the UK – learn one or two and we promise you’ll sweep your Welsh date off their feet in no time.

But just as the women begin to groan at the male self-pity, Molly Parkin, author of raunchy novels and magazine agony aunt, jumped to the men's defence.

Molly, from Pontycymmer, told The Mirror: "I'd put the Welsh right up at the top of men who are good in bed. I doubt the women would say 88 per cent of them are failures in bed. " On the streets of Cardiff yesterday, we discovered that the woman are not sniggering about men's poor performances.

Typically carved from wood, the spoon features symbols of long-lasting love such as hearts and padlocks and is intended to demonstrate that the giver will always feed and provide for their lover.

If the affection isn’t returned, then the spoon must be given back, but if the feeling is mutual then the recipient must wear the spoon around their neck for a number of days.

FORGET the image of the Welsh being hot-blooded lovers.'Those living in urban areas are often more cautious and pragmatic with their feelings, partly because of their fast-paced lifestyles but also because of the perceived dangers that come with living in a city.'Jemima Wade, spokesperson for e Harmony, added: 'The study shows that whilst the meaning behind I love you is universal, the when, where and how we say it is truly unique - which is what makes it special for every couple.Whether you’re dating in Wales or are planning a date with a Welsh man or woman, then you’re sure to impress any Welsh date by having a few romantic Welsh phrases ready.An amazing 88 per cent admit there is "room for improvement" - the highest anywhere.To make matters worse, a third of our men admitted to suffering sexual problems, compared to only 20 per cent in the rest of Britain, in the survey for Men's Health magazine.

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