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I feel like this was blown way out of proportion, BUT Mamamoo did the right thing of owning up to what they did and apologizing for the people they did offend. You may not know about blackface, but it really makes no sense to paint your skin to mimic a different ethnic group.

To the people who are saying that it shouldn't be as big of a deal because they didn't know about blackface and that "you" also didn't know... why would it be okay to mock another race by coloring your skin their skin tone as if we are clowns or something...? Imagine if I wanted to dress up as a Bollywood actor/actress and I wanted to throw cumin and curry powder on myself to convince people I'm Indian.

Tiny brains exist with people who are ignorant and don't know anything! That you didn't know anything to do with black face before this? You already admitted you didn't know so just keep quiet! I said I didn't know about Blackface until last year. Anyone would think that since you can see you would have read it carefully. I wish to have nothing to do with disgusting human beings. Korean entertainment companies should educate their talents and their employees on why certain jokes and parodies could no longer be tolerated.

I was shocked when I first saw this, but it is wrong to do a "Blackface" and obviously they don't realize that they are being racist to black people and the community.

i'm not black myself and i definitely cannot speak on behalf of them, but let this be a chance for mamamoo to realize their mistakes as well as be a reminder for other groups. And besides, why would they teach us about Blackface when it doesn't even affect us?? Do u even think before u write your responses down or are u just mental? Mamamoo apologized so lets hope history doesn't repeats itself. How can I be ignorant when I know that Blackface was used in minstrel shows to degrade black people and that skin colour isn't a costume? I can't believe that you think I'm a fool but you still bother replying to me. And you just keep going on and on about how I don't know things when I given you facts. And why do you even bother responding if you think im weird? If you didnt want any of this you shouldnt have started WW3 cos I won't back down!

How can I be stalking when this is literally the latest post? Mamamoo maybe ignorant because they weren't aware but you just listen to the truth and choose to ignore! My parents told me not to fight with the mentally challenged so im gonna let you go on with all your weird af comments! Like seriously if you're going to call me ignorant at least have facts to back it up. You have the nerve to make rude comments on my post and then ask why I reply to you?? Loving and caring for all people of every race, sexuality, religion, and gender is not enough.

We hope that you will help to educate us on these and other issues so that we can become better people and better artists.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and allowing us to right the wrongs that we have done." i think blackface is terrible, sickening, and an ignorant thing to do, that i'd NEVER DEFEND, but this doesn't look like blackface. Which yes, i can see why that'd be unnecessary, BUT from what i see it looks like they just got a super bad spray tan.

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On March 4, the girl group's agency RBW posted the below statement by MAMAMOO on Facebook:"Hello, this is Mamamoo.MAMAMOO have apologized for their alleged blackface in a video played during a recent concert.SEE ALSO: MAMAMOO to sing the Korean version of 'Taste the Feeling' for 'Pyeongchang Olympics' x 'Coca-Cola'For MAMAMOO's 'Moosical' concert, the girls prepared a video cover of Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" featuring Bruno Mars, and the clip has created quite a bit of controversy for the MAMAMOO members' use of dark facial makeup.A sincere apology like what MAMAMOO gave should be treated with respect in my opinion.I just hope that people do not criticise or spread hate to people who are ignorant about what 'Blackface' is more than necessary and should give chance for people to learn from their mistake and move on in life.

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