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You use this all audio visual support that makes online so powerful.

During or after your presentation you answer the questions of the attendees.

Take a look at this list of distance learning options and contact the providers via the information request box on the course page to learn more.

Blackboard Collaborate works better on some browsers than others.

A wide range of options are available for those wanting to undertake distance learning, and the number is only growing as new technology and tools are coming into play.

Online/distance learning is ideal for individuals needing to fit education around prior work and personal commitments, or those who don't have the option of travelling abroad.

Here are some of the advantages of video conferencing: More flexibility No matter how much notice you give for a meeting, it’s inevitable that there will be times where last minute issues arise and certain participants can’t attend.

That’s why video conferencing is a simple and easy solution to avoid those long commutes.

Cost saving Similar to conference calling, video conferencing eliminates expenses for travel costs like airfares, train tickets, staff meals and hotel bills.

The advantage of video conferencing is that meetings can still run as planned – despite unforeseen journey delays or high priority tasks that stop people from attending.

Perfect for Remote Working With video conferencing, remote working becomes an effective and realistic option.

The care providers come and visit the patient and share the information relevant to the patient.

Whether it is one to one or one to many, with i Linqu you can provide information in a highly scalable way.

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