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These modules can be accessed by clicking the Modules dropdown menu in the Random/Dead Leaves provides stronger support for Dead Leaves-type texture charts, particularly for the new Imatest “Spilled Coins” chart, which is more uniform and has better scale-invariance.

I3A CPIQ (Camera Phone Image Quality) enhancements: The Dot Pattern module has been added for analyzing distortion and lateral chromatic aberration (LCA).Several modules have been added: Find Sharp Files allows batches of files to be ranked for sharpness.Blemish Detect detects visible sensor defects, using a filter based on the Human Visual System.Hot and dead pixel thresholds can be specified by percentage above or below neighboring pixels (in addition to absolute levels). IT/DLL (Industrial Testing – non-GUI version) can now receive images (raw or processed) directly from the calling program and pass detailed results back to the calling program via easy-to-parse JSON objects.Pass/Fail criteria can be entered (most useful for production testing, but available in GUI versions).

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