Validating visual data in qualitative research

The most common types of bias in research studies are selection biases, measurement biases and intervention biases.(11) Selection bias occurs when certain groups of people are omitted purposely from a sample, or when samples are selected for convenience.Selection bias also may occur if a study compares a treatment and control group, but they are inherently different.

Thus, a sample representative of the population is used, and the data is analyzed and then conclusions are drawn and extrapolated to the population under study.“The goal of randomization is to produce comparable groups in terms of participant characteristics, such as age or gender, and other key factors ...In this way, the two groups are as similar as possible at the start of the study.Reliable studies use random samples whenever possible, utilize appropriate sample sizes, avoid biases, and should be conducted by researchers who are not influenced by funding or the desire to seek certain results.Randomization in studies is critical to ensuring the validity of research.

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