Validating tickets

When the conductor asks for tickets, if your ticket is not validated ("convalidated"), there will be a hefty fine.The Ron In Rome site has a step-by-step explanation with pictures, the same process applies all over Italy.Have a look at this page on the Ron In Rome website for an example.Compulsory reservations means that reservations are mandatory for a particular train.The high speed trains such as the Euro Star Italia / Freccia trains all require reservations.Those travelling with a Railpass must buy the reservation separately, while P-P tickets include the reservation if it's required.If you take anything fancier or faster in Italy you need a mandatory seat reservation.If you buy a point to point ticket on those trains the reservation, for a particular seat in a particular carriage on a particular train, will be included in the price, and as the train is specified the ticket does not need to be validated.

You can pick the train and travel time you want during the 60 days.If you use a rail-pass on those faster trains you won't have the mandatory reservation so you need to buy it, buying a seperate reservation for each leg on the journey.So if, for example, you changed trains at Milan on faster trains you need to buy reservations for both trains.Being normal human beings, the Italians long ago learned to ride several trains on the same ticket over the 60 days.Thus, you now have to time stamp (validate) the ticket before you get on.

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