Validating strong passwords perl

HTML’s sole purpose is to allow anyone to quickly create Web documents that can be shared with other people.XML, on the other hand, isn’t just suited to the Web – it can be used in a variety of different contexts, some of which may not have anything to do with humans interacting with content (for example, Web Services use XML to send requests and responses back and forth).HTML rarely (if ever) provides information about how the document is structured or what it means.

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If you were presented with a list of these names and asked to provide a category that contained them all, it’s likely you’d say something like “female animals.” Furthermore, if I asked you what a lioness was, you’d say, “female lion.” If I further asked you to list associated words, you might say “pride,” “hunt,” “savannah,” “Africa,” and the like.And all the code used in the book is available to customers in a downloadalbe archive.To find out more about “No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP”, visit the book’s information page, or review the contents of the entire publication. If ever there were a candidate for “Most Hyped Technology” during the late 90s and the current decade, it’s XML (though Java would be a close contender for the title).The title contains over 350 pages of XML and PHP goodies.It walks you through the process of building a fully-functional XML-based content management system with PHP.

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