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32 MB flash with ECC Simple redundancy is NOT a good test; if a data bit were stuck high or low, it would pass that test. Hi, I'm about to purchase this NUC online, along with ssd and memory, I am not 100% sure about my choices.The example then uses the XPath Navigator class to incorrectly modify the typed value of an element in the XML document generating a schema validation error. A process associated with the collection and production of intelligence that confirms that an intelligence collection or production requirement is sufficiently important to justify the dedication of intelligence resources, does not duplicate an existing requirement, and has not been previously satisfied.2.How can one validate the data/contents read from memory[eeprom/flash] is correct or not?What i have done is, 1.) read_mem(location, read Buf1,128) 2.) read_mem(location, read Buf2,128) 3.) if 0 == memcmp(read Buf1,reada Buf2,128), then VALID else INVALID What are Pros and Cons of above steps? If reliability is an issue, one can use a flash memory that has builtin checksums.

My setup:\- Mac Book Pro C2D 15.4" 2.33 GHz with 2 GB RAM\- Fusion 1.0 (51348), with "Optimize for virtual machine performance" selected\- Win XP completely patched, with between 512 MB to 1 GB memory allocated\- Win XP applications running during the day: Outlook (with a \*big* PST), Excel, Power Point, X1 Search, Firefox, IE, Cisco VPN, misc chat clients\- Apple applications running concurrently at various times: Mail, Address Book, i Cal, Firefox, i Chat Allocating 512 MB left everything feeling sluggish, even though Activity Monitor and Win XP's Task Monitor showed little paging.

For more information about this method for qualifying clusters, see Knowledge Base article 309395, "The Microsoft support policy for server clusters, the Hardware Compatibility List, and the Windows Server Catalog" on the Microsoft Web site at:

Link Id=112287 This method for qualifying clusters introduced several challenges for hardware partners.

That was a primary reason why Microsoft introduced cluster validation in Windows Server 2008.

With the cluster validation wizard, you can run a set of focused tests on a collection of servers that are planned for use as cluster nodes.

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