Updating svn client

To get Media Wiki 1.18.1 (not recommended) enter the following command from the command-line in the directory you wish to download to: Normal installation rules apply.

However, for best results, use PHP 5.3.3 as an Apache module. If you have direct access to the command-line on the server, you can enter the commands below directly; alternatively, you can maintain a copy on a local machine and upload updated versions to the server.

For example, all of the following are valid ways to use While Subversion has different options for its subcommands, all options exist in a single namespace—that is, each option is guaranteed to mean the roughly same thing regardless of the subcommand you use it with.

For example, command-line client usually exits quickly with an error if you pass it an option which does not apply to the specified subcommand.

See Subversion for more details; below are some quick directions for a couple common tasks.

You must have a Subversion client installed before you can use it.

For security's sake, you should use this option only when the integrity of the remote server and the network path between it and your client is known to be trustworthy.

Note that this will upgrade to the latest version of the current major version.While merging into a single-revision working copy target is the recommended best practice, this option may be used to permit merges into mixed-revision working copies as necessary.Tells Subversion that your commit message is composed using the character encoding provided.Subversion (SVN) is a version control software that allows users to download the very latest version of a branch, without having to wait for someone to get around to packaging it.Advantages to using Subversion include the latest version, vastly simplified updating, the ability to roll back an upgrade, the ability to create and submit patches.

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