Updating slackware 14

In the windows template we are defining a number of things.

First we are setting the personality, meaning when another device on the network connects to this honeypot it will appear to be a Windows XP Pro SP1 device. In the windows template I’m also opening up three ports (135, 139, and 445).

These are common ports that are open on a windows system.

The “action reset” statement will drop traffic if it is not aimed at the open ports defined in this config.

Finally the dhcp statement tells the windows template to acquire an IP address from dhcp.This allow for more verbose output so that we can troubleshoot as needed.Running in this mode will also show the IP that was given to our honeypot via dhcp.The idea here is that we’ll install and configure honeyd on Backtrack then simply test that we have connectivity with our Windows machine.To see if you have honeyd installed on Backtrack (or any Linux system) simply type “honey TAB”, if “d” is shown right after honey then you know you have honeyd installed as it is an available command if you don’t have honeyd installed on Backtrack run the following command This will also work for any Debian based Linux system.

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