Updating raised ranch facade

Design Proposal We project how many hours it will take us to complete everything involved with the design package.

This includes documenting the existing home, gathering the appropriate information, designing the remodel, submitting and obtaining the building permit and all the other necessary details like initial pricing and scheduling.

Although each project is different and custom, we’ve been able to develop a reliable process and system for remodeling these homes.

Given that there are effective methods to updating MCM homes and a great deal of knowledge to share on the topic, we thought it would make for a good post.

Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).

We admire the original design of these homes and it’s always satisfying to breathe new life into them -allowing them to be useful, inspiring homes for another 50 or 60 years.

Remodeling an MCM home differs from remodeling just any old house though.

There are a number of differences to understand about MCM homes- characteristics that make them unique.

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We’ve developed a series of strategies for bringing the home up to, or near, current insulation values as well as installing a proper vapor barrier while maintaining the crisp MCM lines.

Here goes: Assessing the Existing Home Along with a general walk-through, taking a peak in the attic and crawl space tells us quite a bit about the state of the home.

Another important factor is how many times the home has been remodeled in the past.

In many cases the exterior look is attractive to the point of preserving.

A few strategies are to improve the amount of natural daylight entering the home, preserve/ enhance existing textures and re-skin the house in an MCM complimentary material like a stained T&G clear cedar siding.

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