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If you’re plugging in bus-powered devices into a USB Hub, it might be hogging all of the power from the port, therefore causing problems and Audio dropouts. Once ASIO is installed, make sure you choose the ASIO driver, and NOT the direct sound or WASAPI driver when you are DJing.

It’s important to note that a lot of Audio Interfaces that are designed for music recording and production come with their own ASIO drivers that are designed specifically for that device and have much better performance than the generic ASIO drivers. Latency is the delay that happens between when you perform an action (such as pushing a button, or scratching a timecode vinyl record) and when you hear a result (ex.

50-80 ms (which you will notice a slightly significant delay and may be distracting).

It is generally true that the lower the latency is set to, the more the computer is strained and has to work.

Your computer comes with a generic chipset, but this was made as a “one size fits all” solution for being compatible with as many models as possible.

Installing the manufacturer’s chipset drivers will usually give you much better performance.

In that case just raise and lower the latency bar until everything is running without any audio dropouts.

Now plug in other USB devices one-by-one and see if you get Audio dropouts.

The time it takes for an effect to turn on after I push a button on my Traktor Kontrol X1).

Depending on how powerful your computer is, you can have close to no latency like 2-5 milliseconds (which the human can’t even perceive) vs.

It controls how the mainboard’s components interact with each other (on a hardware management level before windows gets into the mix).

The BIOS update will improve the performance of your mainboard components by fixing bugs.

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