Updating moxi box

Sounds like the tech didn't follow up with dispatch before they left.There is no reason they need to roll a truck on this call. PM the DOCSIS MAC (you'll have to register with DSLR to be able to send personal messages), located on the back of the unit and should start with 00067, and I'll check.Moxi features have been added to the Arris Moxi Gateway and Moxi Player, components of the ARRIS Whole Home Solution which is not a retail product (for sale to cable companies only) The Moxi DVR features a user interface called the Moxi Menu. It has a horizontal band that makes up the top level of menu choices.As users select a category on the horizontal band, choices within that category expand in a vertical list.They should have been able to either look at your account for the serial number, or if it wasn't on your account for some reason, have you read the numbers off the back to them and then provision it. If not, the modem may be pooched or your signal levels aren't up to spec. Oh, BTW, the tech obviously was not trained properly for Moxi installs.

Now, more than 24 hours later I still have no channel guide and charter can't do anything about it until they send a tech on wednesday.Moxi was a line of high definition digital video recorders produced by Moxi Digital, Diego, and then Arris Group.Moxi was originally released only to cable operators, but in December 2008 was released as a retail product, and removed from the market November 2011.The former retail product, the Moxi HD DVR, provides a high definition user interface with support for either two or three Cable CARD TV tuners.Arris also offered a companion appliance, the Moxi Mate, which can stream live or recorded TV from a Moxi HD DVR.

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