Updating linksys wireless firmware

The Linksys Velop mesh router system is something else, although, it too, can self-update. I slightly revised the "What to look for" questions in Feb. Both Linksys and Google answered the questions as they were in Jan. A list of self-updating routers is on the Resources page.

Q: Is there an audit log of each firmware update issued by the router vendor? Google updated the firmware on my Gwifi router May 3, 2017.

We have dashboards so we can monitor progress of the firmware releases, which is done in carefully controlled phases. As of mid-April 2017 Google does not seem to have a single web page with a history of firmware releases. I could not tell, immediately, if this was true or not. Firmware revision can be noted per mesh node via the app. Q: Can you be notified of firmware updates beforehand? Updates are done carefully in a phased rollout to ensure no regressions.

Q: If you are notified beforehand, can you schedule the firmware installation and the necessary reboots it entails? Q: If you do nothing, how quickly will newly released firmware be installed?

Q: Does the vendor document the changes in each firmware update? A: Yes Q: Can you tell what version of the firmware is now running? A: Users can turn off updates by opting out of cloud services Q: Can you backup the router settings to a file? Q: In a mesh, what happens if one device gets new firmware but another device does not?A: N/A Q: Even if you are not notified of available updates, can you set a schedule for when installation/reboots are allowed? A: Reboots are auto-scheduled within 24 hours and when the systems are idle. Q: Can you force the router to update to newly available firmware, or do you have to wait for its regular check-in? Eero promises to install new firmware "within a few weeks" A: We release new firmware every six weeks. Q: When the router phones home looking for updates does it do so securely with TLS?Q: Can you force the router to check for new firmware? A: N/A, but yes, all communication with the cloud is secure TLS Q: When the router downloads new firmware does it so securely with TLS?People can't schedule updates, are not warned beforehand, not told afterwards and can't fall back to a previous version if the new version is a problem. NOTE: The information below was provided by someone who works for Linksys in February 2017.On my Google Wifi system, it updated firmware on Oct 2, 2017 at pm, right in the middle of the afternoon. See also How to automatically update the firmware of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.

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