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The process of building, selling and updating Windows machines is "far more fragmented and complex," and it's harder to know what version of firmware a given computer should be running. Duo Security is releasing open-source tools on Friday it hopes will help users check whether their computers are running the right version of firmware.

The tools still need refining before they can help regular people check their firmware, Smith said, so it's not clear when you'll be able to use them.

Out of more than 73,000 Macs reviewed by the researchers, 4.2 percent didn't have the version of firmware they should've had.

Some models of Apple computers, many of them older, were especially behind the curve, with 16 of them showing no firmware updates and 18 of them appearing only to have been updated before leaving the factory.

Each UAD-2 device has a unique firmware binary (.bin) file.

The table below lists each unique firmware filename and its associated device.

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Firmware is a category of software that sits "in the dark end of the system that people are less familiar with," Smith said.According to a new security report, a shocking percentage of Macs are still vulnerable to critical firmware exploits despite running the latest version of mac OS.Making matters worse, most users are completely unaware that their firmware isn’t up-to-date.In the computers with firmware that was older than expected, "The update failed for some reason, and that failure was never noticed," said Rich Smith, director of research and development at Duo Labs.The missing updates highlight an area of computer security Smith said doesn't get as much attention as it should.

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