Updating ceramic tile

#kitchen #diy #youcanpaintanything #really #imaremodelaholic A post shared by 11 Magnolia Lane (@11magnolialane) on Here's how to paint a backsplash so it sticks and stays: What you'll need: TSP all-purpose, heavy-duty cleaner Primer (Christy used Zinsser Bulls-Eye 123)A quart of gloss oil-based paint (Christy had her Behr paint tinted to match Benjamin Moore's White Dove at half strength)Paintbrush (a roller won't get into the grout)Directions 1. Make sure the primer is specifically formulated to adhere to your backsplash, like the Zinsser Bulls-Eye that Christy used to cover her ceramic tiles.3. We've been busy, but now it's time to make our goals for the coming year!You will see brushstrokes at first, but they leveled out on their own very quickly.I worked my way from side to side with the epoxy paint, brushing a light coat of the product over all the tile and grout. It was frustrating to have to wait so long, especially when the instructions said it would take a few days, but ultimately I was pleased with the final outcome.

I read the reviews online and people didn't seem to like the results when it was used on tubs, but I decided to try it anyways.

“Repainting tile yourself is not a project that will improve your home’s resale value.” Some meticulous homeowners can do an adequate job, Prosser says, but he can always spot a DIY fix vs. “Obviously, I’m a bath contractor and I would love to come and rip out your tile,” Prosser says, “but I’m a big believer in saving your money until you can do what you want.

Personally, if I can’t buy the best, I just wait.” A professional tub and tile refinisher can evaluate whether your tile can be rejuvenated rather than replaced.

The instructions said the epoxy paint would cure in a few days.

The goal is to make the tile look as if your purchased it this way, not painted it yourself 🙂Step 12: After drying over night, brush on the first coat of polyacrylic. Remove the blue tape form the walls the next morning.

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