Updating cell phone

Much of the Japanese population own cellular phones, most of which are equipped with enhancements such as video and camera capabilities.

As of May 2008, 31.3% of elementary school students, and 57.6% of middle school students own a cell phone, with many of them accessing the Internet through them. The first camera phone J-Phone (Stylized as 写メール, which stands for Photo-Mail) started marketing during November 2000, and not only included a camera but also the function to send photo via messaging or E-mail, which made the phone extremely popular at the time.

These functionalities include: Some newer models allow the user to watch movies and/or television.

Most phones can be connected to the Internet through services such as i-mode.

Following are the main features of a mobile in Japan: In recent years, some cellular phones even have the capability of being used as debit or credit cards and can be swiped through most checkout lines to buy products as varied as mascara and jet planes, as more and more companies offer catalogs for cell phones.

The number of icons gradually increased and they are now coloured on most cell phones, to make them more distinct.

ASCII art is also used widely and many of them are faces with expression.

Dealer cards contain add'l terms & conditions & may only be used at specified dealer.

Dealers: Participating dealers provide savings for use at time of trade-in or a dealer promo card.

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