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Most importantly, I'd ask why you want to use a newer version of the Linux kernel on your phone.

If there are no issues you can point to that would be fixed with a newer version, and no specific features you could gain from using a custom kernel, there might not be a good reason to change.

You may find a custom ROM that includes certain features or changes to the user interface you'd like to see, and that ROM may use the same kernel Sony has made available.

Now, kernels and ROMs are device specific, meaning you'll not be able to use a kernel or ROM as-is built for, say, an HTC or Samsung device, or even most other Sony devices.

Your device comes "locked"- not allowing custom software without acknowledging that you are taking a risk of ruining your device- and will need to be unlocked first, following the instructions on this official Sony site.and now I want to update it to the latest and the best one. According to my findings the website https:// offers the latest kernels. And does anyone have an idea of from where to get the latest kernel? The kernel on your device is tied heavily to the version of the Android operating system you're running.Sony releases your phone with the "stock ROM" (think a "stock" car in stock car racing; no customization, just as-is from the factory), including the stock kernel.Despite Android 7 Nougat having been officially released in mid 2016, smartphone manufacturers are still pushing out Android Marshmallow updates.We've created a helpful overview for the most popular and most used Android devices to let you know if and when your smartphone will get the next Android update.

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