Updating a bios

The ROM (read only memory) BIOS (basic input/output system) chip on the computer's motherboard is designed to provide the essential interfacing between hardware (such as drives, the clock, the CPU, the chipset, ports, and video) and software (the operating system).

But before we can discuss the process of flashing the BIOS, we need to define how to access the BIOS menu system, and how to find out the current version of BIOS.

Flash BIOSes can be reprogrammed through software, and virtually all BIOSes on Pentium-class machines and beyond are flash-upgradeable.

Regardless of its form, the BIOS chip on the motherboard is also known as the system BIOS.

Using the Esc key is less common as of 2010 because many motherboard manufacturers will display the BIOS access key on the main bootup screen.

For example, in Figure 1, we see a screen capture of a system booting up.

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