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It is certainly the most widely taboo in so many societies throughout the world. So I will speak about the nitty gritty facts here as best as I can put them into words, which may not suffice. I know what I know and I didn't learn it in this lifetime or from books.

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A modern answer however can explain the sometimes amazingly profound effect, NUTRITION.

Again, in days of old when oral sex was most forbidden, breaking taboos is talked about as the source of energy. In a tantric massage, one of the things that most people don't do in the course of ordinary sex is the massage of the underlying muscles and structures rather than stimulating the skin on the surface.

Today it is the norm and not taboo (in USA) and still big energy. One finds the "grains of rice" triggers that need to be released that most massage therapists will go nowhere near. The important part is to be in a "erotic trance" rapport with the person.

The function of the unusually large seminal transcobalamin II pool in reproduction is unknown, but seems unlikely to be related solely to cobalamin transport needs, at least within the male reproductive tract itself.

The above quote of an abstract shows that the capacity of semen to carry b12 is huge but largely unfilled.

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