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You can start chat with any lady who is on-line by clicking "Start Chat Now" button.

The lady will receive an invitation from you and a chat window will open for you.

On-line chat is an extra service designed to help men and women exchange short messages in real time.

To use On-line chat please first login to our site using your username and password.

To set up this option you should go to settings of cookies and mark the box next to the option support cookies from other web-sites, or to add web-site to the exceptions so that your browser would accept cookies from this site.

If you do not know how to find these settings, please, contact us with your problem, and do not forget to inform about the kind of browser and version you use (for example, Forefox 3.6.15, Internet Explorer 8, etc.) The chat starts (the program starts counting time and costs of the chat) when a girl replied your message (in case you invited a girl for chat), or you replied lady's message (when she is the one who invited you to chat).

If you do not see the girl you write to on-line, it must mean that she uses a local agency to correspond with you, but not her personal account.

If you want to chat with the girl, ask you about it in the letter.

For example, if your on-line chat lasted 30 seconds, you are charged for the full minute of chat.

If you sent a message to the girl but she didn't reply, the chat is not considered as started.

To finish chat if it has started (look through question "When is the chat considered started?

If the lady wants to chat wit you she will reply to your invitation.

The chat is considered started when the lady replies to you.

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