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Users considered their Facebook pages to be private; they didn’t want an ad interrupting them as they chatted with friends.Some people wondered whether Facebook was just a meteor that, like Myspace, would crash. She convened regular meetings with senior executives from 6 to 9 .The two split in 2000 however but remain friends, and over the next three years Hurley was rumored to be with a number of men, most notably with Stephen Bing.

Later in the day, the mother-of-one slipped into some more glamorous garments as she donned a glittering gold gown beneath a padded jacket.

Sandberg, who goes to bed early and starts e-mailing at 5 ., often had to usher the nocturnal Zuckerberg out at midnight. By February of 2008, Zuckerberg had concluded that Sandberg would be a perfect fit.

“It was like dating,” says Dave Goldberg, Sandberg’s husband and the C. “There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization,” he says.

She describes her daughter as “a mother’s helper,” aiding David in tying his shoes and Michelle in taking a bath.

The only time she ever rebelled, Adele recalls, was when she was in junior high school.

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