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It makes you laugh more than you think it would and, in many ways, is very refreshing.James Franco, Bradley Cooper, Sam Worthington, Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogen, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock were all smart enough to turn down a lead role in this film.Despite this however, it is his character that seems to be the one having the journey in this film which is fine – if both leads were the same the film just wouldn’t work as well. She is just a pint-sized pack of comedy fun and beauty.Always being fought over and having to decide between two guys can’t be a bad role to play.

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All three of the actors are superior to this dumb attempt at romantic comedy.One day, fed up with feeling lonely, Tuck joins an internet dating site and meets up with Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) who, after being cheated on by her ex and constantly running into him, needs to get back out into the dating pool herself. What then ensues is a full-on war between both men as they soon realise they are dating the same girl and it becomes not only a battle between best friends but spy versus spy.They have a fantastic date, the chemistry is right and on leaving she thinks about Tuck while going to her local video rental store. Mc G is great at this type of film, think mixed with something more for the men – more spy CIA action sequences, car chases and guns.It's easy to understand how Lauren is caught between FDR and Tuck — they're both well-dressed, sexy, and they employ their wits as much as their government tools in their battle for her.It's fun to see Tuck and FDR spar verbally, but their chemistry isn't just evident when they're fighting.

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