Tori spelling dating

The couple - who have been married for 11 years and have five children together - were side by side as they took in the attractions.

This sighting comes just as his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace claimed the former actor is not happy with the Beverly Hills, 90210 vet.

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I made it very clear when I went to court the first time and I was quite lenient,' she said.'I want to be clear - I signed off on three years of child support that my ex-husband did not have to pay.

Canadian TV star Mary Jo says the most painful part of the ordeal has been watching her their 19-year-old son, Jack suffer.'When my son went to university, he didn't get any financial support from his father.

The one thing that his dad was going to do for him was pay his rent and he bounced his rent.'It jeopardized his roommates and the apartment.

So Tori moved out of her parents’ house and move in with Nick.

Her friends and even colleagues at 90210 told her he was not the right guy for her, after two years together Tori had it called her friends and asked them to help her move all of nick’s things out of her house, and not just they gathered his stuff but they went to his house and dropped all of it at front lawn.

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