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Thus, if it were 'genetically hardwired' aka, natural, everyone would feel the same way.Because people do not always feel this way, it is not natural.But at one several points it is stated that those who acknowledged Jesus as the Christ during the life of Jesus were put out of the synagogue.This anachronism is inconceivable as the product of an eyewitness.

And more & more women are of a mind to be bi/lesbian these are still lacking the willingness to become good studies of female nature.Redneck's who beat their gf's/wives REALLY don't help the situation.If someone is going to ask their mate to have a threesome they oughta be willing to allow the partner a similar request in kind.Guy wants a fmf he better allow her to ask for the mfm.The high claims made for Jesus and the response to them (), the polemic against "the Jews" (, , , ), and the assertion of a superiority of Christian revelation to the Hebrew (, -50, ) show that "the Johannine community stood in opposition to the synagogue from which it had been expelled." (p.918) Kysar states concerning the dating of the Gospel of John: "Those who relate the expulsion to a formal effort on the part of Judaism to purge itself of Christian believers link the composition of the gospel with a date soon after the Council of Jamnia, which is supposed to have promulgated such an action.Those inclined to see the expulsion more in terms of an informal action on the part of a local synagogue are free to propose an earlier date." (p.919) Kysar also observes on the dating of the Gospel of John: "The earliest date for the gospel hinges upon the question of whether or not it presupposes the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.

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