Tom daley dating dating a blind person

"When Tom told me I could just feel the excitement in his voice. Then 19, his revelation was met with a deluge of goodwill messages on social media websites, and predictions that he could become even hotter property for would-be sponsors..

Just hearing him feel that excitement made me feel excited," she said. He said he was going public with his sexuality to set the record straight after a national newspaper had misquoted him when he reportedly denied that he was gay.

"That someone is a guy." In the video information, Tom tells his fans: "I wanted you to hear this from me." In the clip, he says of his feelings: "It did take me by surprise a little bit.

It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen.

"But it wasn't until spring this year that something just clicked. "And my whole world changed there and then." The Devon-born swimming champ adds: "Of course I still fancy girls but right now I'm dating a guy and I couldn't be happier." The Twitterverse was flooded with messages of support from fans and celebrities alike.

"I am not sad because in losing Tom I am gaining another, so it makes everything all good." She said Daley rang her at the family's Plymouth home in Devon to tell her the news. The rest of the family really like Lance." She added, jokingly: "Everyone gets on really with him, even though he is American, but there we go." Daley, who won a bronze medal at the London Olympics, won plaudits when he came out in December 2013.

And, having been inundated with messages of support when he came out as gay last month, Tom decided to finally put an end to the gossip surrounding his rumoured other half.

And Dustin was just as forthcoming himself, tweeting after the show, which saw Gemma Collins sent home: ‘Congrats @tomdaley1994 #splash.’ MORE: From an Oscar win to a leaked sex tape: Who is Dustin Lance Black?

"Come spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and it made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great.

And that someone is a guy." He added: “In an ideal world I wouldn’t be doing this video, because it shouldn’t matter.

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