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In 1977, the new generation of Valiant and Dart, called Aspen and Volare, were brought to Mexico, but the Dart used the Volare nose and Aspen rear, and the Valiant used the Volare rear and Aspen nose.The Valiant was available only as a two-door sedan with the 225 Slant Six while the Dart had two or four doors, with the 225 Slant Six or the 360 V8, manual or automatic. In 1978 the Chrysler Le Baron came; the radically different 2-door sedan had parking lights stacked neatly on top of the headlights, while the four door had a standard 360 4-bbl V8 and full luxury equipment.Trim selection was never as wide as in the states, and engine selection was reduced to the Slant Six and the 318 V8 (I'm not sure when the "A" 318 was changed to the "LA" 318).

In 1973 we had 5-mph bumpers but no longer had the Charger. It sold well despite a stagnant economy, and it had a decent set of factory equipment such as electric everything and A/C. Taking advantage of the lack of Plymouth in Mexico, Chrysler attached Plymouth noses and tail-lights to their cars in 1976 as their annual update.

A first in the Mexican market was that Chrysler introduced electronic ignition in all its models. The Super-Bee also got that engine down the road, but it didn't last long. From 1974 to 1976, Dodge and Plymouth had kept the U. In 1976 the Super Bee had the 360 V8, making it by far the fastest Mexican car.

A special version of a Valiant Super Bee was used by the Mexican Federal Highway Police.

The Le Baron was much smaller, yet it had everything the other cars had in a smaller, more maneuverable package that was easy to drive and to park.

The success of the Le Baron prevailed until its demise in 1987.

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