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The continuous release and accumulation of these compounds are of great concern for future ecosystem effects.A third example is the strongly phytotoxic monochloroacetate which is formed predominantly from ethene in a chlorine-dependent radical reaction; chloroacetaldyde as an intermediate is of even greater concern because of its known carcinogenicity but unknown environmental levels which is due to the fact that no suitable trace analytical method is known.PL 2 Primary and secondary air pollutants: which are more important?Hartmut Frank Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, University of Bayreuth, D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany The question to which extent primary and secondary air pollutants are relevant to atmospheric hygiene can be answered in a straight-forward manner: in most cases the secondary products of atmospheric photo oxidation are the more important ones, of industrial chemicals as well as of natural products.

The plan would develop an EU system integrating information on the state of the environment, the ecosystem and human health.Studies of the thermodynamics and chemistry of damage can aid decisions about the level and frequency of intervention.It will also consider how we can model the future such that we can provide the basis for management strategies in a world where the threats from climate and air pollution are ever changing.The action plan identifies 13 actions (including an action on indoor air quality), which refer to initiatives on how to better understand the environment-health link and establish how environmental exposure leads to epidemiological effects.The ultimate goal of the proposed “Environment and Health Strategy” is to develop an environment and health “cause-effect framework” that will provide the necessary information for the development of Community policy dealing with sources and the impact pathway of health stressors.

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