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I am a paediatric nurse, which is convenient, because I am really just a big kid (with a bachelor degree).I also facilitate nursing students, because I am a huge show off and love sharing my knowledge I like bike riding,movies, swimming, markets and going out to cafes.Hi there, I am a very loyal person with a great sense of humour. Simple things, the things that we can do quietly together, make up the stuff Gee - where to start!

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I love the beach, snow, sport and all that kinda outdoorsy stuff. Im also a simple girl who comes from a very traditional family with simple beginnings.

I am here to make new friends and also have "Dance like no one is watching. Love like you´ve never been hurt and live like it´s heaven on Earth" - Mark Twain. I need a coffee in the morning to start the I wish I knew how to write one of these blogs and fully explain who I am and what i´m looking for...maybe then I wouldn´t be single. It looked good to begin with..somewhere between I am just me pretty much, I don´t hide who I am.

My friends and family would say I am kinda crazy, I am hoping that is meant in a totally good way :) Being crazy and mucking around helps me at work..

Correct use of “mobile” over “cell phone.” It’s the little things. The way her eyes flit down and to the right when she says “eins is the loneliest number.” Mc Kinnon’s Merkel is deeply sympathetic. She’s okay telling us about her transparent play to attract Friedrichs’ attention. Angela Merkela is no fool, just undone by love as are the rest of us orbiting the sun on our fragile blue planet. The moment when she loses all composure, as it occurs to her that Barack Obama may have seen her Google search history. ” d) “nickelback tour schedule” e) “jason segel no shirt” 9.

“No, we have a saying in Germany: once the cat is out of the bag you should the cat up in the public square und shake it until it dies.” That’s the whole idea of confessional blogging, right there. The contents of her search history: a) “angela merkel lame” b) “angela merkel boxy” c) “is toe hair normal? “I’m a proud hater of dogs.” Have you googled “angela merkel hates dogs?

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