The 10 commandments of dating review

The newest version, GFAS V2, is a 23-part video course packed with step-by-step tips and techniques from a variety of well-known relationship gurus that teaches guys how to become the type of men women obsess over. First, you have to fight back the fear of rejection and get the courage to approach a woman and get her to go out with you on the first date.

The end goal is to teach men not only how to meet and attract incredible women, but also how to turn that one woman you really want into a loyal, committed girlfriend. Then, that first date has to impress her enough to leave her wanting a second and then a third.

In fact, the fear of rejection is probably the #1 reason most men never date the woman they really want.

The Ten Commandments of Dating, completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene.

It should be pointed out that this particularly comic strip was not in the flesh on the Theatre Royal stage but on one of the slides that accompanied his audio-visual first half guide to The Ten (Food) Commandments.

Rayner, who plays piano in a jazz quartet as well as always being top value on Master Chef, is as good with words on stage as in print.

For men who are truly debilitated by the fear of rejection, the King Game Method is a way to raise your own value without having to master the art of approaching and “pick-up”.

A full review of the Girlfriend Activation System indicates there is much more to the program than just the 23 different video modules.

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