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His wife and children remained in Friedens, Somerset County, Pennsylvania where Mrs. The following year, Heyer was asked to enter the foreign missions.He studied Sanskrit and medicine in Baltimore, and set sail for India from Boston in 1841 with three other missionary couples on the ship Brenda.There also is a significant number of Roman Catholics and Evangelicals.Although the Franciscans of the Roman Catholic Church brought Christianity to the Deccan area in 1535, it is only after 1759 AD, when the Northern Circars came under the rule of the East India Company, that the region opened up to greater Christian influence.Telugu Christians are found in all walks of life and have contributed much to the development of the state.Telugu Christians have one of the highest literacy, work participation figures and most even male-to-female ratio figures among the various religious communities in the state.

Amos Sutton was the first British Baptist missionary to preach in the region. He preached in the northernmost parts of Andhra in 1805 but failed to achieve his objectives, and he did not venture again into the region, confining his ministry instead to the Oriya-speaking districts.They were followed by Church Missionary Society in 1841 and the then American Lutheran Mission in 1842.British colonial officers, Eurasians, and the likely presence of a few native Christian families has made missionary activity a possibility in these early years.Supported initially by the Pennsylvania Ministerium, and later by the Foreign Mission Board of the General Synod, Heyer was also encouraged and assisted by British government officials.He established a number of hospitals and a network of schools throughout the Guntur region.

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