Teachers intimidating students

For some children, they may feel like they are causing issues, but reassure them that this is not the case and if they are feeling bullied, you are there for them and will get this sorted out.

They may need lots of reassurance and comfort at this time so be on hand to be there for them whenever they need your support.

It is important to note that generally speaking, teachers do a good job, often under stressful circumstances.

However, there are times when pupils are being bullied by teaching staff and knowing how to deal with this is essential.

Obtain a copy of the school's mission statement or ethos so you are able to point out that your child is not being treated with the respect or courtesy.

Ask for a copy of the school’s complaint policy and follow the necessary steps and follow up everything you can in writing so you have a record of all communication and responses.

Without disbelieving your child or sounding as though you are, it is important to be able to distinguish whether this is bullying by a teacher or a conflict between your child and teacher over specific reasons.

There are some questions you can ask your child in a sensitive manner just to get all the facts, such as: Let your child know that you are going to address this and ask them for specific examples that you can use with when and where.

If your child is being criticised for not completing work, then a simple call to the head of year, or a note to the teacher explaining the situation and asking for a meeting with them should help to resolve the problem.Family Lives is here for you and you can contact us about any family issue, big or small.Teaching is routinely ranked as one of the most stressful professions.When a child confides in you that they are feeling targeted by a teacher, it can be difficult to know what steps to take.This can be a sensitive issue and it is important to get all the facts from your child so you are well prepared before approaching the school.

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