Taylor lautner sara hicks still dating

No, seriously — four of his past seven relationships stemmed from on-screen chemistry becoming real-life romance!From Taylor Swift to Lily Collins, Tay has nabbed himself quite the popular counterparts in the past, and although he used to be pretty infamous for being quite the playboy, he’s totally settled down in recent years.Lautner allegedly dated country singer Taylor Swift last year.Neither Swift nor Lautner ever confirmed the nature of their relationship.Before being linked to Ashley, Taylor was last spotted out with his on-off high school girlfriend, Sara Hicks, in May.

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The couple, who picked up lunch at Chipotle, was accompanied by Taylor‘s younger sister, Makena Lautner.), while Ashley waited for her ride at the valet stand.Sources say Taylor and Ashley are just good friends -- and Ashley is reportedly still going strong with long-time BF Ryan Good.Click through the gallery below and see if you can recall all the girls who found themselves into T. " class="ngg-fancybox" rel="3625e5c5fcc6a47dac6bce04041ba7e6" data-image-id="23125" data-src=" data-thumbnail=" data-title="Sarah Hicks" data-description="Sara were high school sweethearts and dated on-and-off from 2006-2013. " Taylor Lautner was spotted out with a Pretty Little Liar!

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