Targum pseudo jonathan dating

Further, the intensive construction of infinitive with finite sense, so frequent in Hebrew, though little used in ordinary Aramaic, appears in the Targums wherever it occurs in the Hebrew text.

As a negative characteristic there is to be noted the comparative rarity with which the emphatic repetition of the personal pronoun, so frequent in ordinary Aramaic, occurs in the Targumic. Mode in Which the Targums Were Given: The account given in Nehemiah (8:8) of the reading of the Law to the people not only mentions that Ezra's helpers read "distinctly" (mephorash), but "gave the sense" (som sekhel) "and caused them to understand the reading," the King James Version (wayyabhinu ba-miqra').

In the family they might retain their mother tongue for a time, but this would yield at length to continuous pressure from without.

Origin of the Targums: At the time when Nebuchadnezzar carried the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judah captive to the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates, the language of everyday life in Assyria and Babylonia had ceased to be that which has come down to us in the cuneiform inscriptions, and had become Aramaic, the lingua franca of Southwestern Asia.It was the language of diplomacy, of business and of social intercourse, and had long been so.Dwelling in the midst of those who used Aramaic alone, the Jews soon adopted it for every occasion save worship.Elaborate rules are laid down in the Talmud for this interpretation; how far these were those actually used we cannot be absolutely certain.They at least represent the ideal to which after-generations imagined the originators of the practice aspired.

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