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In South and Central America, several rodent species are highly appreciated as culinary items and some are even farmed much like pigs and cows.In some Asian countries, rodent meat is so popular, it is even sold in supermarkets.“Gifts of rats, dead of course, are also an important item in making sure the bride's relatives are happy to see their daughter leave her old family and join that of her husband”, said Victor Benno Meyer‐Rochow at Oulu University, Finland, who recently published a study on the eating habits of this tribe 2.

Cambodia exports up to 2 tonnes of wild rats to Vietnam per day on the peak of the “rat‐season” 1.Both traditional farm animals and rodent mini‐livestock have their own advantages and disadvantages: it may depend on the context where they are raised.“For Andean communities living in the highlands where there is limited grazing, guinea pigs are definitely better than cows or pigs to produce protein and feed people”, Jori explained.Rodents, on the other hand, could be maintained on smaller spaces, feed on leftover vegetables and other discarded foods and therefore drastically reduce water usage as no additional feed would be required.Nonetheless, this would not necessarily replace beef and pork altogether, Jori commented.

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