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The petition stated Israel transferred local Galil ACE rifles to South Sudanese government militias.The petitioners said the militias used the weapons against members of South Sudan’s Nuer tribe.Discovering works by UCLA professor/author Jacqueline Cogdell Dje Dje, electronic pioneer/author Francis Bebe, and the most esoteric and exotic multimedia that You Tube has to offer, Park taught herself the origins of her instrument, West African styles of violin playing and tribal beats.

She was raised in a musical household, but wasn’t drawn to the organized religion her family embraced.

“I grew up in a strict household,” she explains, “just rebelling against curfew, rebelling against having to go to church three times a week, rebelling against the certain type of music my stepdad was just urging me to make with my twin sister, because he was a former founder, label producer guy of La Face Records.” In fact, that rebellion got her kicked out of her house at 19 years old. With the help of an Instagram friend and the couple hundred dollars she’d saved from working at Mc Donald’s and Forever 21, Park bought a one-way ticket to California.

“My stepdad was like, ‘If you’re gonna rebel, you gotta leave,’ and I was like, ‘Alright. “That was my first plane ride.” Taking control of her education, Park dove into music history, ethnomusicology and music technology, the latter of which is her area of focus at Pasadena City College.

Erin chose gold and pink for their tablescapes, which made for some pretty spectacularly sparkly reception details."" class="image largesquare" width="160" height="160" src=" KM30RSRsm Cd Svb TO9avt2UOe9w/160x160/filters:format_auto-!!

Her music is inspired by, but doesn’t actually include, archival field recordings.

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    Her essay was met with outrage by some students, two of whom filed a Title IX suit against her, claiming Kipnis was retaliating against students at her school who had filed a complaint against a professor.