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So far there’s only the bar-end shifter, but apparently down tube and flat-bar shifters are in the pipeline. The first thing you can’t help noticing about the S3X is its price – £249.95 for hub and fittings.Ratios are: first to second gear a step of 20 per cent, and second to third a 33 per cent increase. The standard Sturmey-Archer AW, a three-speed freewheel hub, costs about £55.All 1969 to 1972 MK1 Choppers are easily recognisable for several reasons...(See Major Differences) but the most obvious for instant recognition is the rear frame stay, the tube that goes down from the rear of the seat, (where the Sissy Bar goes in) to the rear wheel bolt. Choppers have 3 speed rear hubs, this is the best place to look.The AW is simple in design, one of the simplest hub gears available.

It may well have been partly his own fault, being prone to getting into disagreements with his associates.

But after all, he was an inventor, and possibly a little highly strung.

At the very least, a Blue Plaque should be erected for him. Although the AW is durable and tolerant of neglect, it is a good idea to take it apart and check out the state of the oil. Clean it up, re-lubricate it in fresh oil, grease the bearings and you will prolong your hub's life by years.

The four planets are identical, so if you can cope with one then you can manage the other three.

Another good thing is that if you find any missing parts, or for example, worn bearings or clutch, you can easily get hold of another AW mechanism to cannibalize.

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