Stephane lambiel johnny weir dating

man to win figure skating gold in 22 years, Evan Lysacek had a little help from another Olympic gold medalist – gymnast Nastia Liukin.

D., while performing on the NBC special Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular – confirm to PEOPLE exclusively that they've been dating since last summer."We became good friends and have become really close since then," says Lysacek.

We tout Tanith Belbin as an American hope, even though we know full well she came here from Canada for herself. "I'm not intimidated by anything except maybe PETA standing outside with a bucket of blood." Weir is 25, amid his own comeback, and this is likely his last chance to prove that. Or will be remembered more for what he said than what he did? "People are very cynical when they are talking about the comebacks and returns of these great stars," he said.

Then we tear into speedskater Shani Davis for his selfish decisions to train alone, not race as part of our relay, denying us what would likely be a medal, maybe even a gold one. Maybe, but if forced to drink truth serum, how many more of our heroes would fess up that they are here for gold and green far more than they are here for red, white and blue? Which brings us to Johnny Weir, our true local skater, who begins his latest and most unlikely attempt to win an Olympic medal when the men's short program takes place tonight. Skating is at a high level regardless of who is skating." Ah, and there's the rub, the intrigue of this Olympic competition. A disappointing fifth in Turin, his Olympic performance there was a mess of missed buses and self-inflicted errors, both on ice and off. "If you can compete in an Olympics once, you are blessed beyond belief.

And then Blick asked if he has a steady boyfriend and he says no. BTW it is known in the gay community that he is gay. The guy considers being gay an insult, he should move to Skate Canada, were he will find many others who think just like him. I don't mind if you like Lambiel, but you don't need to bash Joubert in order to do it. Brian Joubert, who sued Miss France for saying he was gay.On Saturday, they helped host a small gathering at the Procter and Gamble Family Home in Vancouver, which put on a birthday party for Lysacek's father, Don, and his uncle, Tate, who are twins. There are videos of them couple skating, playing around and being ultra friendly towards each other. In your defense, Joubert would rate higher if he wasn't such a as*hole in person. No, Johnny Weir is the only "out" competitive figure skater in the entire world.

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