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At the weekend, the UK’s largest teachers’ union called on the next government to make it compulsory to teach children about same-sex relationships.Delegates at the National Union of Teachers conference in Harrogate passed a resolution calling on whoever is in government after the election to make it mandatory to create a ‘positive climate’ to discuss sexuality and gender.It was the late Eighties and the topic of same-sex relationships was never mentioned and nowhere on the education curriculum.If current statistics and books such as David Spiegelhalter’s Sex by Numbers are to believed, it’s likely that approximately 10 per cent of my fellow pupils were gay, but at a school run by priests, we were well aware that to be so was a ‘sin'.“This must include a commitment to make it easier to discuss ideas about sexuality and gender so that students and teachers are more confident to identify as LGBT and work in schools without fear of prejudice.” As someone who believes LGBT education must first begin at home, I used Facebook to ask friends, some of whom are parents, how supportive they are of the motion.The responses, as I thought, were overwhelmingly positive.However, a few friends with children say they hope their children are not gay, because they don’t want them to be bullied or teased at school.This view is no doubt shared by many parents, who are seemingly unaware that this attitude reinforces LGBT prejudices.

Every generation of schoolchildren has its playground put-downs that can leave a pupil's reputation in tatters.

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Football; Computers; Jewellery; Wrestler; Storm 46.

I was one of 700 boys in an all-male Catholic high school in Northern Ireland.

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