Sphinx dating

At an International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy held in Bulgaria, two scientists presented existing geological studies to determine when this erosion may have occurred.Arguing that rising sea water caused the Nile River to overflow and the Giza plateau to flood, Vjacheslav Manichev and Alexander Parkhomenko used this information to establish that the age of the Sphinx may actually be over 800,000 years old.“The geological approach in connection to other scientific-natural methods permits to answer the question about the relative age of the Sphinx,” the scientists said.The archaeologists believe that the wall was built by Tuthmosis IV after his dream to protect the Sphinx from the desert winds.

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It is thought that originally the Sphinx’s face was painted dark red.Recent research suggests the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and surrounding Giza plateau have suffered heavy floods, indicating the structures may be thousands of years older than first thought.Traces of water erosion could also potentially prove that the Pyramids and Sphinx may even pre-date ancient Egypt. In addition to not understanding just how these were built without the use of modern technology, scientists are also baffled by its precision and location.“The conducted visual investigation of the Sphinx allowed the conclusion about the important role of water from large water bodies which partially flooded the monument with a formation of wave-cut hollows on its vertical walls.”Though this research strongly points to these mammoth constructions being built by an ancient civilization prior to the Egyptians, there is still debate over whether a “great flood” ever happened.However, Robert Ballard, who is famous for his discovery of the shipwrecked Titanic, concluded through seashell carbon dating that such a catastrophic flood of “biblical” proportions must have taken place around 5,000 BC.

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