Speed dating spanish disadvantages of interracial dating

What a great opportunity to write our own minibooks!It's Friday and the second to last period of the day when my Spanish 4 Honors class walks in.Once the activity began, the energy was so high and contagious that I ran to get my department head so she could see what was going on.It's one of those classes that makes all the struggles of being a teacher worthwhile.Some of them were 95 years old, some were just 1 or 2.

I had to run in my short break to get them and just arrived in time for my year 6 class.This is the prompt for As I thought about how I was going to prepare them, I came up with the idea of speed dating - Spanish style! Then, I told them that one student was to remain in his/her seat while the opposing student rotated.This allowed for maximum number of pairings because I want the students to be able to talk with anyone in their class and not just their best friend or the person closest to them.We play lots of games as a class, we write a fair bit, now the focus will be on conversations.There were lots of giggles while doing this activity, be prepared!

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