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I know, I know, I’m shit and I haven’t been writing, and I’m sorry.

I actually started a post last week about how cutely gross/funny my relationship is, but I’m not feeling it at the moment, so you’re spared the schmoop.

We encourage all individuals who share these values to join us in our efforts to bring them into the political process.

We also encourage individuals to consider running for political office to help turn these values into public policy which protects the health and safety of its citizens and advances quality of life, the common good and economic well-being of all the people in Chatham County.

A few other leaders have declined to attend, the Zambian and Algerian presidents probably because of health reasons and the Angolan president, probably because there are no bilateral meetings with President Barack Obama on offer.

The Sierra Leone and Liberian presidents are not attending due to the deadly Ebola outbreak in their countries and the leader of Guinea may also not show.

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After introductions are complete, people are welcome to stay and play board games with their newfound friends.This summit is an attempt to seek an Africa legacy for the Obama administration.The summit shows also that the US is playing catch up, as .A US-Africa CEO summit, organized by the secretary of commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies on 5 August, will also help to highlight the potential of African markets for US corporate investors.Despite President Obama’s African heritage (his father was Kenyan), Africa has been a low priority so far during the two terms of the Obama Administration.

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