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for the Speed Meet from 7-When arriving there will be a sign in book and all will receive either a red or white flower to pin on them so that all POF'ers can recognize each other.The Band for the night is going to be The Banana Convention starting at p.m.Our 40 speed dating event is a really enjoyable way of meeting new exciting singles for the first time.It is a great way for you to relax, let your hair down and let our hosts take care of creating the electric atmosphere and breaking the ice for you.Looking forward to meeting all of our northern POF'ers at Indian Berry's LVLYea lvl!!!!! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!!! Robin Robin, You are very welcome and if you could get the word out that would be great.I am going to send out invites to everyone here that has sent me an email and that has peeked at me and all of my friends here and on my email list, that should take me a week Speed dating sounds very cool, I've seen it on TV but never participated, always wondered what it'd be like... Going to do a mass mail about mid May for sign ups too.

I can do a search and send them that way, in addition to the guys that have emailed or peeked at me?we need more exposierthere has to be more guys interested than just mebut then again the more women the better for me Hodgieprobably not till some of the may parties are done with...of parties goin on eh?...c'mon robbity, yma, invite invite...way hodgie's feet won't get too sore..girls we'll wear him out Okay fine...it's not much fun but I'll behave if you insist LVL..at least give it my best try.Fill in the details on your match card and we will contact you the next day with a list of all the people that fancy you too!! It is fun and enjoyable and no strings attached unless you are ready.Booking includes: *A complimentary drink *Gourmet Canapes *10-20 dates in one night!

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