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They both understand the need for strict discipline & actually both enjoy the ritual.Elizabeth especially likes to see Lucy in her school outfit waiting to get her bottom bared bent over and given a severe thrashing.This new domestic discipline video is out now for download from the massive Spanking members only video area!Lucy and Elizabeth have a routine that they both agree to go through 1 time every week.She bends each girl over for a hard hand spanking and then continues the punishment with a Slipper to the bottom.I bet Masie and Fae will think twice about stealing again.

Not sure how it got broken but that did not really matter at this point.

Being a strict disciplinarian he took this as an opportunity to line up all 3 girls in turn, bare their bottoms and give then a dose of good old fashion discipline with his hand and long rattan cane that was normally only reserved for his girlfriends plump bare bottom when she stepped out of line!

This domestic discipline movie featuring no less than 3 stunning naked girls who are in turn caned (his girlfriend) without doubt took the hardest caning across her bare backside - is out now for viewing and download from the ever growing Spanking Digital members only area!

Miss Simpson took me over her knee and gave me a hard hand spanking which I duly deserved.

I was given the spanking until my ass was a dark shade of red. I don't think I will take her Webcam again without asking. She has lived in the UK some 5 years with her rather old fashioned husband.

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