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"Even if finding your soul mate ranks high on your list of priorities, be mindful to still cover your essential expenses." But once those are covered, "how you choose to allocate the money within that category is really up to you," she says."As long as it fits into your larger budget, there are no strict rules." Knowing that every dating budget might look different, we asked three active daters, and one who's now in a relationship, to give us a snapshot of what they're willing to spend — or not — in the pursuit of finding The One.Of course, Hollywood has them falling in love after they end up at the same African resort.After you've burned an hour on a please-make-it-stop blind date, your reality was probably a little less happily-ever-after.You can do that by making an investment of time and effort, rather than dollars.Natalie Blinderman, 47, Medical Device Sales, Dallas Blinderman's first dates on and Plenty of Fish ( never seemed to lead to second or third dates, so she hired a dating coaching firm, called Smart Dating Academy, to boost her profile's potential.

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I stopped doing dinner dates, basically because once you sit down with someone, you have to go through the full dinner.I don't like doing the 0-plus dinner when there are things that are cheaper and more fun, and you don't get awkward silences or forced conversation. I'll do the things that should be done, like open car doors or walk curbside. Ultimately, that's what you want any budget to do: to reflect your values and priorities.For example, he mentioned that feeling and looking good are important to him, but he recognizes that he can do that with a fairly inexpensive gym membership and a splash of Old Spice.What's important here is that he isn't cutting corners.Even with the most frugal budgets, you still want to put in the effort so the date doesn't come across as cheap.

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