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His disorder is confirmed by Amy in the ninth season.Any disruption to routines distresses him enormously.He usually wears clothing emblazoned with logos for these interests as well as science-related designs.Sheldon refrains from any form of physical contact if possible and exhibits a strict adherence to routines to the point of exhibiting signs of obsessive–compulsive personality disorder.

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Celebrities such as Stephen Hawking occasionally appear in cameo roles as themselves.

He is, however, fond of occasionally telling a joke or playing a prank, which he typically punctuates with his trademark exclamation "Bazinga! He has forced Leonard to sign an absurdly exhaustive "Roommate Agreement", and later enters a similar "Relationship Agreement" with Amy Farrah Fowler.

Sheldon has a superiority complex and makes no effort to hide his contempt for other people's lower intellects, often making highly inappropriate comments.

Sheldon Lee Cooper (Jim Parsons) is a theoretical physicist, possessing a BS, MS, Ph D, a Sc. Originally from East Texas, he was a child prodigy, starting college at the age of 11, and receiving his Ph D at age 16.

He is usually cold, condescending, selfish, and immature, but at the same time it is commonly not intentionally hurtful and is in a well-meaning way; He just doesn't know any better.

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