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” A minute later, she sends another: “dammit, do u think Lindsay will go in for that, too?!?

"You can't recreate what we had before, you know, it was me and it was Paula [Abdul] and Randy [Jackson] and Ryan [Seacrest] and it was an amazing chemistry there."They really were a great team, weren't they?

"Fox took a risk on a brand new show and I want to thank them for giving us the opportunity.

It's a sullen and dejected Bruce Jenner, holding a ski cap and a baseball bat. ”“I knew it,” Bruce sighs, walking back up to his bedroom. tho have to SAY always thot if u ever had a kid itd b with me LOL!!!!!!!!!John Mayer turns from the driver’s seat to look at Katy as they cruise down the highway.“You should tweet some kind of joke about the album title referencing the NSA or Edward Snowden. .”“I don't think that's really on brand for me, John.”John sneers condescendingly.“It could be if you wanted it to, you know.”Katy doesn't even look up from her Kindle.Mariah Carey lies on her chaise under a fox fur blanket while Nick watches television. “So I see you had time to write this Amanda Bynes an entire letter.And yet, still no sign of those flamingo eggs I asked for yesterday.”MTV announces they'll be airing a documentary about Miley Cyrus later this year.

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