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But it wasn’t as simple as creating a special day and then greeting a flood of willing tech developers; Brothers said one challenge was that, “our problem has to be somewhat aligned to their business case.”In other words: executives and developers at hot Silicon Valley tech companies aren’t automatically going to want to help Homeland Security develop its technology—not unless it fits their own needs and priorities.

The man has bankrolled everything from restaurants to movies and is lauded by many as some kind of free-market genius. Wearing a powder-blue T-shirt wet with sweat, he displays the relaxed self-confidence of Michael Corleone. “I’m Peter,” he says, extending his hand and smiling before thanking me for agreeing to such a late breakfast meeting. Every garment on Levchin’s unwashed body is a freebie – University of Illinois zip jacket, mismatching shorts, bright orange T-shirt with some Hebrew lettering.Reginald Brothers, the Department of Homeland Security’s undersecretary for science and technology, shared an anecdote at the Concordia Summit in New York on Tuesday that managed to connect Silicon Valley innovation, cybersecurity threats, and… Brothers was on a cybersecurity panel with former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge, retired US General Keith Alexander, and Dr.Greg Rattray, director of cyber partnerships for JPMorgan. The 40-year-old entrepreneur runs a billion hedge fund.Making neither eye contact nor conversation, he presses his lips together, nods to indicate that he is, as ever, ready for business, and sits.

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