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But while it’s rare to see a romance in the MCU that works, one of the few exceptions is the tragic love story of Captain America: The First Avenger. She has all kinds of cool tricks of the spy trade up her sleeve—including a miniature flamethrower concealed in her gloves, and other elements that seem to have found their way into The Sharon of comics eventually dies (a woman in a comic book, dying? ), and then, even later, her death is retconned with a fairly convoluted plot, and after Sharon comes back, there’s quite a bit of tension between them, but eventually, she and Steve spend a short while simply being friends and coworkers.

Steve and Peggy’s doomed love affair captured so many people’s hearts that Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter was brought back as a lead in her own eponymous television show. They care deeply about each other, but also know how to push each other’s buttons, and Sharon is a master at challenging Steve’s bullheadedness and lack of self-preservation.

We’ve definitely seen Marvel fall into that trap on multiple occasions over the course of their cinematic history.

The romance between Hope and Scott in seems like a tacked-on afterthought that shows barely any development over the course of the film, and might have been better off left to develop in later installations.

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Carter subsequently his eponymous debut album, which was released in april 2017 and became.

And Hope’s mother, Janet, who is the only founding member of the Avengers in their comic line-up to not receive her own movie, is reduced to a plot device who appears for under a minute and never even shows her face onscreen.

Choosing Sharon Carter, of all of Steve’s romantic interests, has an added dimension of complexity: Sharon is Peggy’s niece. These aspects of Steve’s and Sharon’s relationship were a big reason why I—and many other fans—were hesitant about seeing a romantic relationship develop between the two characters in the MCU. But it was also disappointing to see how very stripped-down her role was.

When I go to the theater to see a superhero movie, I don’t need to see anyone falling in love.

If a romance can be played well within the confines of a rich and compelling superhero story, I’m not going to complain—I’m a sucker for a great romance—but it’s not needed.

In the comics, Sharon is originally Peggy’s sister, but later was adjusted to be Peggy’s niece in order to make up for the gap created by Marvel’s telescoping timelines that necessitated Peggy’s experience as a resistance fighter in France during World War II. But that wasn’t a reason to discount it wholesale, and certainly not a reason to ignore Sharon’s very important role in Captain America canon, which is far more rich and complex. It’s tough to congratulate a studio on not repeating the mistakes of the outdated romantic ideals of 1960s superhero comics (not exactly a difficult task, folks), when they didn’t really do anything to let Sharon With every Marvel movie, it increasingly feels as if, the moment a female character is written into a romance, the creators drop the ball on major aspects of her personality, her motivations, and her character development outside of that romance.

Sharon Carter in the MCU films is Peggy’s grand-niece. agent assigned to protect Steve without his knowledge. In comic, but out of the context in which it was originally given (Steve, to Eli Bradley), in a way that made me feel not excited to hear an extremely famous comic book quote repurposed, but as if the creative team behind , and none of the biting back-and-forth between Steve and Sharon that was the strongest part of what little dynamic we’d seen from them.

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