Shanghai adult chat

" As she emerged in the office after the long holiday, she found herself surrounded by weird smiling faces.One computer surveillance guy could no longer hold it back and he asked her: "Did you have rice noodles today?Third, the bank has told all employees that MSN cannot be used for private chats. And in so doing the computer guys inevitably encounter employees' private affairs if the employees break the bank's rule of not using MSN for private purposes.But private affairs haven't anything to do with the bank's business secrets, do they?Despite the above three excuses, the bank admitted that it had never notified the employees that their MSN talk would be monitored, the Shanghai Morning Post said.But even if the bank had notified them, it still simply has no right to spread an employee's private talks around the office. The rights to privacy are much broader than the rights to reputation.

The sad thing is the 28-year-old woman had to quit her job after trying in vain to get an apology from the computer guys who willfully had gossiped about her occasional "sweaty" chats in the office with her boyfriend on MSN.First, the bank is afraid that its employees may leak business secrets to outsiders on MSN.Second, because the bank owns the computers, it has the discretion over how they should be used. Yes, the bank can monitor all online information to prevent leaking of its secrets.A telephone is also part of corporate assets and no one can seize it as a personal belonging.But does that mean a company can monitor and spread whatever an employee says over the phone? But the proper punishment for using MSN for private purposes is to deduct an appropriate amount of the employee's salary or bonus because he or she is not focused on work.

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